Why ATM can swallow your card?

There are several reasons why an ATM can swallow your card, but it can be difficult to recover. Particular care should be taken when using a foreign ATM, as in this case you may not be able to recover the plastic at all. If there is no technical error, the cost of replacement will also be our responsibility.

There are several reasons why you can swallow your credit card at an ATM. The most common mistake is to enter the PIN, but here too, banks’ practices may differ. After any 3 attempts it will definitely suck in the card, but there are no impressions and we can try again the next day. In addition, some credit institutions distinguish between stranger cards and their own clients, strangers are impressed when an incorrect PIN is entered, and strangers are not impressed, and they can be retried the next day.

The ATM will also report expired and blocked cards

The ATM will also report expired and blocked cards

So, if you disable your card – because you thought it was lost – then don’t try ATM because you will have to pay the cost of replacing it, too.

Many people do not know, but we can lose our card even if we do not remove it from the machine within 10 seconds of the machine running. This is also a security measure for the bank as many people simply leave the card there, which is a risk. In such a case, the bank will determine the fate of the card.

Either it is returned to our bank after being destroyed or it can be returned after an identification. At foreign bank ATMs we often experience the first procedure, while at our own bank ATMs we are more likely to see the card.

What should we do if an ATM card has been stuck?

What should we do if an ATM card has been stuck?

In case of a foreign bank ATM, please call your ATM operator, the number of which must be indicated on the device. If you have your own bank, you can also call customer service. If an incident occurred in the foreground of an account, please report it to an agent there. The bank’s employees cannot access the machine’s contents, only a separate company or group contracted with the bank that manages the ATMs. We can only get the card back when they come to service or recharge the machine. Therefore, in practice, we have to wait several days for our card to be removed from an ATM.

We have to watch twice every time abroad, because most probably if an ATM swallows our card, we will not see it again. The same is true when using a foreign card at home.


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